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Miner Brewing Company

Showcasing as much of the uniqueness of the region as possible, Miner Brewing Company produces craft beers that are both traditional in nature, and yet truly "South Dakota." Miner Brewing Company is a family-friendly brewery that features year-round favorites, seasonal features, sours, ciders, and meads.

Brewmaster Sandi Vojta’s goal is to create craft beers that people can enjoy every day, using local ingredients when she can. From local honey to handpicked wild fruits such as chokeberries, buffaloberries, and rose hips to indigenous yeast and hops, it all comes from South Dakota.


The chart below highlights accessibility features available at this local business. We hope this is a helpful starting point for planning your trip! If you have any questions or specific needs, please contact the business directly.

Parking and Drop-Off Areas
Accessible parking space available (8 feet wide for car plus 5-foot access aisle)✔️
Accessible parking space accommodates lift-equipped vans (8-foot-wide space with minimum 8-foot-wide access aisles, and 98 inches of vertical clearance)✔️
Route of Travel
Route of travel to business does not require the use of stairs or curbs    ✔️
Entrance door is equipped with a Power Assist opener    ✔️
Entrance door has a clear opening of at least 32 inches✔️
Access to Multiple Floors    
Full-size passenger elevator is available for public use    ✔️
Access to Restrooms    
Wheelchair Accessible stall/toilet✔️
Grab bars    ✔️
Sink access    ✔️
Soap access    ✔️
Dryer/towel access    ✔️
Access to Customer Service Areas    
Aisles between fixed seating (other than assembly area seating) are at least 36 inches wide    ✔️
Spaces for wheelchair seating available throughout dining area    ✔️
Specific Accessibility Needs    
Staff is trained to accept service animals    ✔️