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Sip And Savor These Winter Flavors

Raised in Rapid City and lucky to call it home, this outdoor enthusiast loves to explore the Black Hills with her husband and two dogs. When she’s not at work you’ll find her out hiking, at a local ice cream shop, or perhaps home taking a nap.

November 17, 2021

Rapid City, South Dakota is home to a variety of wonderful local breweries. Each with a different atmosphere, story, and flavor creations – but all working together to better the Rapid City beer community. And succeeding we might add. Our area is known for historic sites, epic outdoor adventures, its proximity to outstanding parks and monuments, and a wealth of creative craft beer to pair with the Black Hills experience. To help you get a small taste of what our breweries offer, we’ve gathered a list of their recent winter releases (a.k.a must-tries) so you can treat your taste buds during your visit. We, and the Rapid City breweries, encourage you to visit them all so you can truly appreciate the flavors of Rapid City

Cohort Craft Brewing

A place for beer minded people to connect can be found at Cohort Craft Brewing. Customers can expect a selection of progressive beer styles to always be on tap at this local brewery. They're firm believers beer doesn't have to fit in a category - and the proof is in their product. 

The Boys Are Bock | 7% ABV | 25 IBU

A collaboration with fellow local brewery Hay Camp Brewing Co. This Double Bock includes 25lbs of delicious South Dakota honey.

Kokomo | 6.5% ABV | 20 IBU

A milk stout that features 50lbs of coconut, marshmallows and vanilla. Makes for a nice treat on a cold day.

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown | 5.4% ABV | 29 IBU

A perfect beer to pair with your holiday meals, or feels. A solid brown ale meant to be shared with all types of beer lovers. 

Dakota Point Brewing Company

Dakota Point Brewing takes pride in their hand-crafted English, Scottish, Irish and American ales. They are named after the popular cliff jumping location in the Black Hills, a well-known place where people gather to catch up with friends and have a good time – something individuals will also find at Dakota Point Brewing Company. 

"C” is for Cookie | 6.7% ABV | 28 IBU

“A” is for Appetite, “B” is for Beer, “C” is for Cookie, come and drink it here. “O” is for Oatmeal, “R” is for Raisin. Or what I'm trying to say is, this is our description.

Preemptive Saisons Greetings | 6.1% ABV | 29 IBU

A spicy, farmhouse Saison. From Sinterklaas in Belgium to your Holiday dinner. With a touch of spicy alcohol flavor and a dry finish, this will pair very well with the stuffing at dinner while you're all avoiding uncomfortable conversations.

Elfin’ Blueberries! Christmas Ale | 5.2% ABV | 25 IBU

With blueberries, maple syrup, and cinnamon, you're taste buds will be celebrating the holidays like an Elf on a shelf! Magnum hops ensure the Grinch will like it too!

Firehouse Brewing Company

In 1991, Firehouse Brewing Company became South Dakota’s first brew pub. Housed inside Rapid City’s original fire house, the interior of the building has been restored to its original fire-hall glory. Today the Firehouse features a brewery, restaurant, large outdoor patio with a band shell for live music, mercantile, and Rapid City’s only winery. 

Date Night | 6% ABV | 23 IBU

Chocolate meets strawberry in this decadent stout. Pairs well with Prime Rib and chocolate-covered strawberries. Crafted with Dutch Cocoa, Chocolate Malt and Strawberry Puree.

Hay Camp Brewing Co.

Hay Camp Brewing Co. is a nanobrewery that produces small batch, hand-crafted beer and is named after the original name of Rapid City. The interior embodies many characteristics of the towns early days. They’ve evolved into more than just a brewery, with a large event hall they can also hosts wedding receptions, concerts and other events year-round. 

Sweet Sassy Molassy | 6.8% ABV |28 IBU

This beer is a collaboration with Mary’s Mountain Cookies. It is a Brown Ale that has 50lbs of Molasses cookies added to the brew making it a delicious beer.

Dunkel Baby Billy | 5.8% ABV | 22 IBU

An easy drinking Lager. Smooth caramel flavors finish with notes of roasted barley. Prost!

Lost Cabin Beer Co.

Lost Cabin Beer Co. is named after a popular hiking trail in the Black Hills and represents the love of the outdoors that both of its owners, and many of its patrons have. The rustic and welcoming interior further showcases that outdoor feeling and creates a great space to enjoy a beer after enjoying the nature found around Rapid City. 

Chuckulator Doppelbock | 7.4% ABV | 22 IBU

Pairs well with anything rodeo related. Toast, caramel, and raisin mesh with the cherry/vanilla bourbon and oak to take your palate to another planet. 

Buzzards Roost | 8% ABV | 62 IBU

Enter the king of all things dark, dank and hoppy. Buzzards Roost hits your tastebuds with all that dank, hoppy goodness we know and love accompanied by malty notes of chocolate and roasted coffee.

Hobo Queen | 6.8% ABV | 78 IBU

A touch of caramel from the grain compliments the dank, spicy notes from the hops.

Zymurcracy Beer Company

The name of this veteran-owned beer company, pronounced ˈZĪˌmər-krə-sē, means: a community of individuals dedicated to the principles and art of fermentation science. Zymurcracy’s beer styles are incredibly diverse and ever-evolving. Their large brewery is perfect for gathering, play games and having a good time. 

German Roggenbier | 5.4% ABV | 13 IBU

A dark twist on our German Hefeweizen but made with Rye instead of wheat lending to a greater body and spicer impression.

Imperial Cherry Stout | 10.2% ABV | 56 IBU

Rich, complex malt balanced against hops. Dark chocolate/light roast complimented by subtle cherry notes in finish.

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