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A Day In Downtown Rapid City

Stephanie Kroeze is a local attorney and the owner of the lifestyle blog, Attorney Attire. In her free time, Stephanie likes to shop local and explore downtown Rapid City with her teacup poodle, Bailey, and her fiancé John.

March 12, 2020

Weekends are my fiance, John and I's, favorite time to roam downtown Rapid City.  We love waking up early, grabbing coffee, and heading downtown to explore. We typically start out our Saturdays at the coffee shop, Harriett & Oak. Harriet & Oak is located downtown, and has the best breakfast and coffee selections.  They have great healthy lunch options as well! The atmosphere is amazing, and Harriet & Oak even has an old VW Van INSIDE the coffee shop! It’s so cool, and kids love it.

Drinking Coffee At Harriett And Oak In Rapid City

After we leave Harriett & Oak, we walk a few blocks downtown to stop by some favorite local shops. One of my favorite clothing shops is Revival located downtown Rapid City. Revival has some of the cutest clothes and accessories. Another store we frequent for outdoor gear is Roamin’ Around. Roamin' Around has a ton of great hiking and outdoor gear as well. Finally, we typically stop into Prairie Edge. It is John’s favorite store, and I have found some great items in there. Prairie Edge has a ton of local hand-crafted products as well as a variety of unique native American products. It’s a beautiful store.

Prairie Edge Display Case Items

After we stop at Prairie Edge, we love to swing by the Hotel Alex Johnson and pick up some Chubby Chipmunks Chocolate. The handcrafted specialty chocolates are so delicious. They make wonderful gifts to take home to for your friends or coworkers, too.

As we head downtown, we like to bring our dog, Bailey with us. Bailey likes to stop and see the City of the Presidents. The statutes are so lifelike, and they are so fun to stop and admire. You can read more about the City of the Presidents here

City of Presidents Statue Downtown Rapid City

By midday, we normally need a pick me up, and like to grab a cup of coffee and hangout at Main Street Square. It’s a really nice area, especially in the summer. Kids love to run around in the water fountains, and it’s a really good environment. In the winter, the Main Street Square turns into an ice rink! It looks super fun—John and I actually haven’t skated there yet, but it’s on our list.

After we get done shopping, it’s usually time for dinner. There are SO MANY wonderful restaurants downtown Rapid City. One of our favorite places to go to for the experience is the Blind Lion. The Blind Lion is a prohibition era speakeasy. There are so many wonderful drinks there as well as a great food menu! The atmosphere is incredible, and on the weekends you can usually catch some live music. 

Block Of Ice At Blind Lion Speakeasy

Thank you for following along our day! We hope you have a great time in Rapid City. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need any recommendations!