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Five Ways To Have A Merry Holiday

Raised in Rapid City and lucky to call it home, this outdoor enthusiast loves to explore the Black Hills with her husband and two dogs. When she’s not at work you’ll find her out hiking, at a local ice cream shop, or perhaps home taking a nap.

December 23, 2019

Find yourself in Rapid City this holiday season? Lucky you! I find it’s fair to call myself a holiday expert since I’ve lived in Rapid City most of my life and have spent many festive weeks here. So, if you’re here this week and wondering where you should be here’s my expert list:

1. Storybook Island 

Storybook Island Christmas Nights of Light

For my family, a highlight of the holiday season is touring Christmas lights. If you’re the same way, head to Storybook Island. You won’t find eight acres more dazzling than this. You can tour the park finding all your favorite storybook characters lighting up the night with Christmas lights. Enjoy a stroll around the park listening to holiday music, sipping on hot cocoa (or cider), while the festivities fill you with joy and warm fuzzies. Make sure to bundle up though since everything is outdoor except the carousel, gift shop and bathrooms.

2. Main Street Square

Ice skating rink at Main Street Square

Next on the list of must do items for my family is found in the heart of Downtown Rapid CityMain Street Square. During the winter months they turn off the fountains and transform the space into a charming ice-skating rink. You can rent the skates right in the square and zip around the rink enjoying each other’s company, great views and again those holly jolly jingles that have us all dancing. Not a skater? You can still enjoy watching the skaters from the toasty firepit or from inside Alternative Fuel with a warm cup of joe.

3. Go for a winter hike

Skyline Wilderness Area views of Rapid City

Spending time together exploring nature is a must for my family all year round, and the holiday season is no different. Nothing beats getting outside, stretching your legs and taking in the views of Rapid City and the Black Hills from the top of M Hill or at Skyline Wilderness Area. Best part about this hike is you stay right within city limits but still feel like you’re in the Black Hills. Not to mention it’s a great birds-eye view of Christmas lights if you go in the evening.

4. Canvas to Paint

Christmas Lights Downtown Rapid City

Anyone else love to get crafty this time of year? My family does. Holiday fun can be found at Canvas 2 Paint this week with holiday themed artwork. Bring the whole family and have a blast watching everyone’s paintings come to life.

5. Local Breweries

Drinks from Lost Cabin Brewery in Rapid City

Visiting the breweries is another thing my husband and I (and usually our dogs) do year-round, but they are extra fun during the holidays. We always make time around Christmas to go grab a local beer, play some games and enjoy the company of others in an atmosphere where all are welcomed.

It’s a magical week to be in Rapid City. While there are countless activities and traditions for many who are here, these five items are great start. Feel free to make my holiday list yours so we can all have a wonderful season!