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Why You’ll Want To Participate In This Wine Walk

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October 22, 2019

Downtown Rapid City is known for it’s charming shops, historical buildings and walkability. All visitors should take the time to get out of their cars, walk around and enjoy all the hidden gems they can discover along the way. Events that fixate on these parts of our downtown are a blast to be a part of, and one of those events is the Arts and Wine Walk hosted by Allied Arts. Here’s the what, where, when, why and who to give you more information on this unique event that takes place in Rapid City once a year!


The Art and Wine Walk is a self-guided wine tour that features around twelve different stops in Downtown Rapid City where participants can sip, savor and soak in each particular business. Oh, and the wine! Each stop will feature an organization or artist showcasing their artwork or music for all to enjoy. Participants will receive a lanyard map which highlights all the locations to visit during the wine tour, plus a form to fill out with their answers to the scavenger hunt. That’s right, it’s not just a self-guided wine tour, but there is also a scavenger hunt challenge! Winners of the scavenger hunt challenge will receive prizes at the post event party.


The locations featured in this event change each year, but the thing that remains constant is it takes place in Downtown Rapid City. With so many awesome and unique attractions dispersed around our downtown area, it’s a great opportunity to uncover some great stops that you might not have discovered on your own!


This event is hosted annually in November. It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy the cooler weather with a leisurely stroll around downtown.


Who doesn’t love an opportunity to sip a little wine, support local art and get to know our Downtown on a new level? Not to mention how much fun people have being a part of it. Plus, the wine walk ends at a post party gathering which will include an awesome silent auction and drawings!


The proceeds raised from this fundraising event go to help several local art organizations along with local scholarships and micro grants. With fundraising events like this one organizations like the Black Hills Dance Theatre, which puts on some amazing performances throughout the year, or the Black Hills Powwow, an event that brings in thousands of Native American dancers, drummers and artisans, can continue to grow and improve every year.

If you are visiting when this event is taking place, I highly encourage you to come out and be a part of it. Not only will you enjoy experiencing our downtown and art scene in this unique way, but you’ll get a great opportunity to socialize with locals. Believe me, Rapid Citians are a lot of fun. Learn more about this event and others by visiting the Allied Arts website!

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