An Oz Experience: Flying With The Oldest Balloon Company In The USA

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July 26, 2019

There’s really no place like home. And if you’re lucky enough to call the Black Hills home; well then, you’re lucky enough. Just ask @jessebrownnelson.

I recently married my soul mate. The kind of guy you can be your complete self with, share your deepest darkest secrets and always know he’ll be the warm smile waiting for you at the end of the day. My mom likes to refer to him as “the human version of a hug”. Anyways, that’s beside the point. My new hubby and I received the most wonderful experiential wedding gift involving a 450 pound fully-fueled balloon and basket, endless sky and an admirable landscape complete with a champagne picnic; a truly spectacular combination. The entire experience made me reflect on The Wizard of Oz, but I bet you that even The Wizard himself never flew over a land so downright stunning. 

20161015_Black Hills Balloons


We waited to book our Black Hills Balloons adventure until the fall, right before flights ended for the winter. A sunrise flight at that time of year was a little chilly, but nothing long sleeves, a sweater and two coats couldn’t handle. Oh, and that massive flame warming my body every few minutes. Basic science class will teach you that air gets colder the higher up you go, and I’m here to tell you that when traveling upwards, a hot air balloon is a must.

20161015_Black Hills Balloons

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