5 Reasons I Love Downtown Rapid City

After 25 magnificent years in Rapid City, Anne traded the Black Hills for some of the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountains. While she loves high altitude living she misses all the must see's, hidden gems, and food back home. Together with her dogs Honey and Nora, she tries to travel as much as possible and explore the hidden wonders where ever she is.

May 31, 2019

5 Reasons I Love Downtown Rapid City 

There are so many places in Rapid City that are awesome! I love hiking M-Hill and hanging out at any of the coffee shops in town. Of all the places to go in Rapid City, downtown is a definite favorite.

The City of Presidents

On every corner downtown, you will find one of our past presidents. Ever since I was little, walking around the City of Presidents has been one of my favorite things to do. Now even if I am not doing the tour, I’ll always give Jimmy Carter a high five and sit on Richard Nixon’s Lap. The Presidents make downtown what it is and I could not imagine Rapid City without them. 



Main Street Square

When I moved away from Rapid City, Main Street Square didn’t exist. This newer attraction is my downtown hangout now. I love walking through the shops, grabbing a bite and of course a caramel latte at Alternative Fuel. These aren’t the only reasons I love the square. I love the Public art displayed in the Sculpture Project, I love how it draws the community and visitors together during the summer concert series and it’s always so festive during the holidays.


MSS_Thursdaynights_2016_0219 blog


I am not a shopper, really, but sometimes I like to walk through shops and see what they have inside. Downtown has all kinds of places to look around and I always find something worth spending my money on. For example, a glass deer I found while browsing St. Joe’s Antique Mall. You can find so many cool places for souvenirs when you’re downtown.

Around Town_Anne's Phone_2016_0031blog

You Don’t Have To Go Far To Find Good Coffee Or Good Beer

 Downtown is a hub for great coffee and beer. A few of my favorite places to go are Essence of Coffee and Independent Ale House. If I’m feeling really hungry I like to go to the Firehouse. Their fresh brews and wines pair perfectly with the menu and I love it!


Around Town_Anne's Phone_2016_0024

The Art

 I have and always will have a deep love for the arts. I am so pleased with the strides that Rapid City is making in the art world. I can browse galleries like Suzie Cappa and Prairie Edge for hours. There’s more than the galleries, though, downtown is literally saturated in art. Art Alley, the Sculpture Project, murals at the Firehouse and of course the president statues are just a few of the beautiful pieces you will find downtown.


On the Town_ DT_ FireHouse Mural

If you are in Rapid City and skip downtown you’re missing out. When you go downtown make sure you share your Rapid City experience with @VisitRapidCity

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