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Downtown Shopping

January 03, 2019

My name is Sarah… and I’m a shopaholic. Shopping is my cardio, and my Fitbit has the steps recorded to prove it!  Though I’m usually shopping for gifts for others, sometimes I am on the hunt for something for myself. On those occasions, I bypass the shopping malls and box stores, and go in search of something uniquely mine, which I can almost guarantee I will find downtown.  Downtown Rapid City has a diverse and eclectic group of stores and boutiques. Infused olive oils, comic books, model planes, Celtic Claddagh rings and antiques all have homes within easy walking distance of each other.  I could go on and on about the many shops downtown, but I thought I would share my all-time favorites that I find myself visiting anytime I need a little “exercise”.  

Mitzi’s Books

When I dream of owning a book store, it looks a lot like Mitzi’s Books in Main Street Square. Dark wood bookshelves stacked high with colorful volumes, rich carpets, and a central staircase that reminds me of Victorian libraries. Cozy and comfortable is the best way to describe how I feel every time I walk through the door.  Even though holding a real paperback book seems to be a thing of the past, I still like the feel of a volume in my hand and the sound the pages make when they slide through my fingers. The employees make great recommendations that find me taking home authors I’ve never read before.  On the rare occasion I don’t walk out with a book, there is usually a piece of jewelry, card, or t-shirt I just couldn’t leave the store without, which is how I ended up with a “Yay Caffeine!” magnet on my refrigerator.

Mitzis- edited


Prairie Edge Trading Co. & Galleries

Walking into Prairie Edge Trading Co. & Galleries, I feel the spirit and the energy of the pieces, and people, inside. Star quilts, headdresses, drums and painted buffalo skulls are only a small portion of the items that make this one of my favorite places to spend an hour or two. The gallery on the second floor houses an impressive collection of Native American and modern art which is available to the public. Whenever I visit, I am always hopeful that there will be an artist in the back working with traditional mediums such as beads and bones to create amazing one-of-a-kind pieces that just beg to be wrapped up and sent to friends.   


Prairie Edge- resized


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

A little chocolate-indulgence never hurt anyone… right?  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory features some of the most decadent creations for the hard-core shopper. Chocolate dipped strawberries, cookie’s n cream truffles, java toffee and a candied apple find their way into my bag along with some chocolate “rocks” that I swear are a gift for my friend in Iowa! Though chocolate isn’t exactly a healthy meal for my shopping cardio, the giddy way I dance around waiting for my purchases to be wrapped should count. 

Rocky Mountain chocolate factory


Karma Boutique

My downtown shopping excursion would not be complete without a visit to Karma Boutique. Bohemian, eclectic and fun is the best way to describe the vibeI feel when I walk in the door. An ever-changing selection of clothing, jewelry and gifts makes each visit unique. Adding to the experience is the friendliness of the staff that is more than happy to help you find that piece that is all “you”. This includes a black floppy-brimmed hat that I think I am going to regret not buying. Here’s hoping it’s still there when I go back!

Sarah Smith

The smells and sights of downtown make an afternoon of shopping, aka: exercise, a treat for the senses! And though I didn’t get the hat, I did get the chance to chat with shop owners and employees who seem to love the area, and their businesses, as much as I do.