Baby Wildlife

Irresistible Black Hills Newborns

During the months of April and May, nature’s cutest members are introduced to the Black Hills for the first time. As newborn wildlife sets forth to discover a vast rolling prairie and an endless ponderosa landscape, locals and visitors get a chance to capture one of the most swoon-worthy moments in the Black Hills. From bounding baby buffalo to anxious bear cubs, these little ones are ready to say ‘hello’.   

Only eight miles from Rapid City, nothing says adorable quite like Bear Country USA. This unique, drive through wildlife park gives you a chance to experience 20 free-roaming wildlife species up close in their natural habitat. Animals like bears and wolves can be seen from the comfort of your vehicle, but the real treat lies within Babyland where you’ll find bear cubs, tiny otters and miniature mountain lions.

A short drive from Bear Country USA, you’ll find Reptile Gardens, home to the largest reptile collection in the world and currently celebrating their 80th birthday. This already outstanding attraction includes a new baby gator exhibit. You may even get the chance to cuddle up next to Fluffy, the cutest reptile in town!

You can find some of the biggest babies around at area state and national parks. Baby bison, mountain goats, burros, big horned sheep, elk, mule deer and pronghorns all make the Black Hills a little more adorable each year. Plan your Rapid City vacation around the youngest residents of the Black Hills to check the cutest wildlife sightings off your bucket list!

Burros On Wildlife Loop Road

Spotting begging burros in the 71,000 acres of Custer State Park is fairly easy. You'll often find them right along the side of Wildlife Loop Road and ready to greet visitors. They often pander for treats, thus giving them their name. Burro babies are equally as friendly. Don't be surprised if you see one pop it's head in any nearest open window.

Mount Rushmore's Most Adorable Resident

Mountain goats are in full abundance at one of the most iconic landmarks in the Black Hills, totaling more than 200 in the area, and babies are in season. You’ll often find them climbing the nearby granite nearby to George, Thomas, Teddy and Abe. For the most promising glimpse of these striking creatures, visit Mount Rushmore in the morning.

Baby Bison In The Black Hills

The Black Hills area is home to three different locations where you can spot baby buffalo in their natural habitat. Custer State Park is home to 1,300 bison with plenty of new babies to capture irresistible photos and genuine “awe” moments. Baby bison can also be found at Badlands National Park and Wind Cave National Park.

Photo by South Dakota Tourism.


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Make their day in Custer State Park one to remember! ⠀

Photo Credit: @ohmyomaha

Easy access to legendary South Dakota attractions makes Rapid City home base for your Black Hills vacation!