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    A Mammoth Discovery A major paleontological discovery in the Black Hills of South Dakota has set new knowledge about the mysterious prehistoric world within our reach. Once, gigantic mammoths, ancestors of the majestic elephants of today, roamed freely in the High Plains of North America. A repository of their remains, along with other kinds of animals now extinct, lay undisturbed, entombed with the earth until their discovery over 26,000 years later. At the Hot Springs site, scientists estimate that more than 100 mammoths are accumulated in a small area. The animals found at the site are in primary context, that is, where they died. Since its discovery in 1974, the scientists have discovered the remains of 60 mammoths that include 57 Columbian and 3 woolly mammoths as well as over 80 other species of animals and plants. The skeletons have been found in what was once a prehistoric sinkhole.

Mammoth Site

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Hot Springs, SD 57747





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