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Rapid City Vacations What To Do Arts and Culture

Rapid City’s Art & 
Culture Exhibits

Rapid City's Arts and Culture

Rapid City is proud of its western and Native American heritage. Throughout the city you will find Native American history exhibits, fine arts displays, and interactive museums like The Journey Museum. The Dahl Arts Center, located downtown, is a city-owned art museum that offers a variety of cultural exhibits, as well as classes, seminars and free art adventures. At the APEX Gallery, located on the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology campus, you can explore Rapid City’s ancient past at one of the finest fossil and mineral museums in the country.

Art Alley

Art Alley is a unique asset to Rapid City. Located between 6th and 7th streets in downtown, Art Alley began in 2005 as a public arts project and has blossomed into a favorite among locals and gained the attention of the Associated Press, Huffington Post, Arizona Daily Star, Yahoo! News, and Times Colonist.


APEX Gallery

The APEX Gallery on the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology campus offers educational art and science exhibits. Exhibits are rotated every 4-6 weeks.


Black Hills Symphony Orchestra

Enjoy the beautiful sounds of the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra. Over 90 musicians perform a variety of pieces each season. The BHSO has also partnered with the Black Hills Dance Theater and the Black Hills Community Theater to produce ballet, full stage productions, and Broadway musicals.


City of Presidents

One of the largest publicly-owned displays of art lines the streets of downtown Rapid City.  The City of Presidents are life-sized, bronze statues of our nation’s Presidents provide visitors a walking tour.


Dahl Arts Center

The Dahl Arts Center has served as the premier western South Dakota arts center for contemporary visual arts, arts education and performing arts since it opened in 1974.


Elks Theatre

The historic Elks Theatre shows movies daily, hosts concerts, business meetings, seminars, and private parties. You will find the state's largest movie theater screen at the restored Elks Theatre.


Memorial Park / Berlin Wall Exhibit    

Located on Rapid Creek, Memorial Park is the center of Rapid City and features one of America's largest Berlin Wall exhibits.


Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial One of the greatest pieces of art in the Black Hills is our Shrine to Democracy, Mount Rushmore National Memorial. See this mountain masterpiece just 25 miles from Rapid City.


Prairie Edge Trading Co. & Galleries

Prairie Edge has the finest selections of Native American art, crafts, jewelry, books and music to be displayed anywhere in the region.


Suzie Cappa Art Center

Suzie Cappa Art Center Located in downtown Rapid City, the Suzie Cappa Art Center is a non-profit studio that provides artists a space to create, exhibit, and sell their work. Mediums include: photography, ceramics, collage, music, acrylic and watercolor painting, batik, weaving, and sculpture.


The Journey Museum

The Journey Museum takes you on an incredible trek through time as it tells the story of the Black Hills through interactive displays. When your journey is complete, you will fully understand the legacy of the land and its people.

The Sculpture Project: Passage of Wind and Water

Masayuki Nagase is the sculpture artist carving 21 granite pieces at Main Street Square in downtown Rapid City. At $2 million, the project is the largest privately funded, public art comission underway in the United States. Titled "The Sculpture Project: Passage of Wind & Water," each piece will reflect the region's natural and culture past, present, and future focusing on the elements of wind (Badlands) and water (the Black Hills).