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Outdoor Recreation

Big Adventure

All you have to do is open your doors in Rapid City to see it – the great outdoors is something bigger here, even more remarkable with the Great Plains as your personal playing field. The Black Hills become racetracks, rock faces are welcoming obstacles, creeks and streams the greatest form of transportation you've ever known. This is something you don't want to miss. The 9-to-5 is about to fade away – now it's just you and vast unexplored lands. This may be a short detour on the road of life, but wow, what a detour.

Let Mother Nature have her say – you can sit back and listen or fly by her at 30 miles an hour, down trails and past rocks as the bike beneath you and the earth meld into one. You came to the right place for adventure. From racing down the miles of single-track just waiting to be biked, clambering up the granite spires of the Black Hills to hitting the links and striving for that hole-in-one, there's

something for everyone.